Founded in 1996 (Minnesota)


To provide our residents the utmost quality care with respect, dignity, compassion, and self-worth. We will help our residents to gain and maintain control and independence in their lives with individual attention. The goal of Gondola Group Inc is to meet or exceed the expectations in the care of the resident with respect to their friends and family, without imposing our beliefs or wishes on them. The resident or responsible person is empowered in all decisions made in regard to their health care, financial requirements, and personal needs, within the guidelines of Dakota County and laws governing the State of Minnesota.



We will provide our residents the opportunity to live in a loving family atmosphere where they will be well cared for where they will feel safe, comfortable and happy. Our ‘home’ will have a caring environment where friends and family are always welcome and encouraged to share in their loved ones daily lives.

Our Facilities are…..

  • Is licensed by the State of Minnesota
  • Is contracted with Dakota County
  • Is operated by the owners.
  • Is adult only and will only house up to 5 residents.
  • Can help you be as independent as possible.
  • Provides care based on your individual needs.
  • Has trained personnel

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Contact Us

Phone: 952-457-3619
Email: info@gondola-group.com